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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Camping and Ferryboats

Fall is now here, along with cooler temperatures and darker evenings. But as I think back to this year’s summer, I have wonderful memories of our time spent in a unique, fun-filled little community in Pennsylvania called Ferryboat Campsites. Kim and I spent a June weekend there photographing this riverside family getaway for owners Randy and Jane Wallis and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

It’s signature feature are the ferryboats that have been running between the campsite in Liverpool and the town of Millersburg across the river, since 1817. The two ferryboats that operate, the Falcon and Roaring Bull, carry vehicles and passengers on a roughly 30 min. journey across the Susquehanna.

Ferryboat captain at the helm.

Now, aside from the ferryboats, there are plenty of other means of transportation at the camp.

And plenty of things to do.

Anything related to grilling also is very popular with the campers.

And getting up early will reward you with a beautiful river view.

We were impressed by the community that has been formed there, with many folks coming back to the camp year after year. This place is a second home to many of them.

It was also hard to hear the news of the flooding that occurred since our visit from the huge amount of rain in early September, with the Susquehanna going far above it’s normal levels for many days. It wrecked havoc at the campground, but not before the staff were able to move almost all of the camper vehicles to higher ground. Randy, Jane and the staff are now in the difficult process of cleaning up with lots of support from their faithful community of campers who are anxious to come back for more memories.

Thank you Randy and Jane for your wonderful hospitality!